I have had the opprotunity to work on some amazing projects. These are some of the highlights.

Leatherman is the world leader of high quality multi-tools. Within the company, I am part of the multi-disciplined research and development team. We work together to understand the needs and desires of the consumers, and we then create products that wow them. Often times starting from a literal blank piece of paper, I hand sketch, rough CAD, test model, and then send off for detailed metal prototypes. In the years to come, when you see new products released from Leatherman, there is a good chance I did the initial design of it.

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Michael Curry Design is a world renowned production design company that specializes in transformational scenery, large-scale puppetry, costuming, and character design. I was brought on to assist in the mechanical design of two large projects for Walt Disney World, the Maleficent Dragon of the Festival of Fantasy Parade and the large pelican puppet Nigel, in the Finding Nemo Musical. I designed many of the mechanisms and specified the actuators, gearboxes, bearings, cables, springs and the like, that defined the movement of these creations. The work was extremely fun and I am grateful for the experience.

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RadioPopper is an innovative professional photography lighting company that pioneered radio controlled TTL light triggers. Recognizing that much of the market soon would be overtaken by Chinese competition and large camera manufactures integrating the technology into camera bodies, they sought to create a new product that would truly set them apart. The solution was an ultra-portable very high powered strobe, and I was hired to be their mechanical engineer and industrial designer. We reached the point of creating a full functioning prototype before funding fell through, which is unfortunate. It is a wonderful light and to this day, there is nothing on the market like it. I continued on with them for a while to design some plastic housings for them as well as consult on some CAD techiques.


The E Bike Store is an electric bicycle shop I once turned wrenches for. After the season had ended, the owner of the shop called me with an idea. A short talk later and I was contracted to do some industrial design work and detailed CAD for injection molding. If you are curious about what this project was, call up Wake at the E Bike Store and ask him what a Strap Monkey is. Tell him Adam sent you.

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