The 1988 Catalina 36 we currently call home. It is 250 square feet of fun living.

Slow Car Fast

What do you do when you want to race but only own a Honda Fit? You race it!

The Blue Martini

Oregon Offshore Yacht Race, racing a big boat from Astoria, OR to Victoria, BC.


The view we currently get to wake up to. Life is hard.

Mountain Biking

Either racing or disapearing off into the woods, mountain biking is a thing of joy.


The VW Vanagon we restored, gave a Subaru heart transplant,  and called home. 

I think, I dream, I draw, I write, I design, I build, I try, I play, I fail, I succeed, I repeat.


If you were to ask thirteen year old Adam what he wanted to do when he grew up, he would promptly respond "become a mechanical engineer." And, I did. While working towards that goal I learned a few valuable lessons. First off, solving long equations all day leads to boredom, though mixing it up a little sweetens the ride. With that, a fine arts minor began. In addition, many mechanical engineering jobs lack the level of creativity demanded by university design challenges, and I loved those design challenges. That lead to a quest to ensure my future career included both side of my brain. As a result I found myself moving to a location I never expected to reside, Canada. A few cold winters later I emerged with a masters degree in industrial design and my first job in creative mechanical design. The rest, as some would say, is history.


Currently I live in Portland Oregon with my wife Rachelle. This city seems to understand us. Both Rachelle and I share a love for adventure and a desire to play. We live by the philosophy, “If now is the best time to try something, by all means, try it.” That mindset led us down some interesting paths. With no kids, good jobs, and room to fail, we pushed away from conventional living and moved into a Volkswagen Vanagon. This was not the Instagram sexy van life. It was the 'park by the river, go to the gym, and get to work on time' style of van life. We loved it. After we met our goal of living though all four seasons it was time to move on. Rachelle had always dreamed of living on a boat and sailing around the world. Interestingly enough, the only time in life when moving onto a boat is a trade up is when you move from a van. So, we did. After a mid winter trial run living in a rented sailboat we bought our own. Though we have no plans to sail around the world, it is a beautiful life when escape and adventure requires nothing more than pushing off the dock. We continue to love, live, and play. We write, draw, sing, race, explore, design, and build. Life is rarely idle, often beautiful, and I hope it remains that way.

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